IBIZA BOOT CAMP 2012 Claim your success


"Claim your success"
with Trainer and Coach Elia Augustijn


from Tuesday 26 June to Tuesday 03 July 2012

A Boot Camp on Ibiza, to you bring you back to basics to your centre, housed in the hospitable Carmelite Convent Sta. Teresa, near the pretty village of Es Cubells.
Located in a beautiful location in a nature reserve, with lots of sun, sea, beaches and space, you can come to peace, and connect to yourself using physical and mental training and also get to know the other side of the infamous party island Ibiza.

Convent of the Carmelitas Misioneras - Centro de Espiritualidad de Es Cubells - “Sta. Teresa”

Convent of the Carmelitas Misioneras
in Es Cubells
Centro de Espiritualidad
“Sta. Teresa
- Ibiza - Balearics

Did you already ask too much of yourself,
in your attemtp to meet the demands of hectic times?
Are you looking for peace and do you wish to get to yourself,
work on yourself and become inspired again?

Introduce yourself to NLP techniques to discover who you are and
what you want or what your dreams are and how to realize them.

Often you will get new insights and energy in a different environment, and it appears possible to come to a next level.
This training holiday "Claim your success" helps you to overcome old obstacles, trust new insights and believe in yourself 

IBIZA BOOTCAMP 2012 is an Inspiring Journey where you will to work with NLP and a different approach to ’Why’ and ’How’.
In a number of steps, such as: Deciding - Dreaming - Believing - Acting - Imagining - Expressing - Researching - Receiving - Planning - Persistance - Valuing and Relaxing,
you will research:

- Why you do what you do !
- What you really want !
- What your dreams are and if you really wish to achieve them
- How you will approach this!
- And, very important:
  Does it fit within your current life and relationships, and how??

Theory combined with powerful NLP techniques, creative exercises and physical outdoor work with professional supervision and the space to do what suits you best, make sure you will disconnect from the hectic of all day to meet yourself. You’ll experience reflection in silence here, and commitment to each other and to yourself.

This training trip is easy to combine with "normal" holidays.
You can plan it before your vacation or just after, for your optimal personal mix.
Enjoy the beautiful island of Ibiza, with plenty of sun, sea, and space, and powerful transformative forces that positively affect your personal growth.
On the beautiful, natural IBIZA, you can be together with others freely and deepen the contact with your inner life source.

Tuesday 26 June to Tuesday 03 July 2012

IBIZA BOOTCAMP 2012 includes:

• all lessons
• transfer from and to Ibiza Airport
• wonderful excursions, to the best locations and beaches of Ibiza
• full board at the convent (breakfast-lunch-dinner)
• accommodation: 1 or 2 beds room with private bathroom
• linen, towels + beach towels

participation price € 1.295,- per person

* deposit of 200 p.p. within 2 weeks after booking
Remaining amount no later than 4 weeks before start

When registering before

1 April:  € 995,- 1 May: € 1.095,- 1 June: € 1.195,-

Flight not included !!
Book your ticket early !!


Elia Augustijn - Trainer & Coach Coaching (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming

Elia Augustijn
Trainer & Coach
Coaching (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming

Elia uses the power of diversity as inspirational source and she believes in the infinite possibilities of each individual.
She rediscovered the strength, talent and authenticity in herself and attended many training courses such as Coaching & Communication, Coaching & Counselling, NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and workshops for Solutional Working, Personal Coaching, Personal effectiveness, Systemic Work, Effective Communication and Intercultural Communication and is still in motion to help people to get more from their own qualities, talents and authenticity to get everything out of life that is possible.

“If you bring sun into the lives of others, you cannot isolate the rays from yourself”

"Claim your success"

Tel.: +34 06 2058 5485